ALS Coal has the resources, expertise, equipment, laboratory capacity and skills to deliver quality outcomes


Applying more than 60 years of coal quality assessment experience, we are synonymous with industry excellence. ALS Coal has the resources; expertise, equipment, laboratory capacity and the skill to deliver the quality and turnaround required for any proposed program and provide the solutions needed in maximising the inherent value of your coal products.

ALS Coal has state-of-the-art, accredited facilities and service capabilities covering the globe; ensuring timely coal testing, coal analysis, coal quality training and expert coal advice is conveniently within your reach.
We will accurately assess and rank your coal product’s physical handling, coal blend propensity and every element of coal performance and behaviour in application to give a true picture of its marketability and value-in-use.

ALS Coal operates on a global scale with sites in Australia, North America, Africa and Asia with dedicated staff providing expert service as well as hundreds of sister sites throughout the world as part of the ALS Group.