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ALS Coal Mackay are saving over $27,000 per annum

Published on 11 Oct 2012

Previously, the ALS Coal site in Mackay hired a 10m3 coal waste bin through a contractor which was emptied on a monthly basis and additionally as required, to a distant landfill.

The return waste transfer trip process took approximately 4 to 5 hours. Fees then included hire of the waste bin, the disposal fee by weight, and extensive travel cost.

To minimise travel and disposal fees, waste coal is now being transported to the nearby Racecourse Sugar Mill.  Here coal is used along with their cane fibre waste as fuel for the boiler plant, which provides steam to power the plant.  By implementing this recycling / reuse project, ALS Coal Mackay has managed to decrease their waste transport travel times from over 4 hours to only 45 minutes and has also eliminated their coal waste disposal fees completely.

The site was previously spending $32,000 per annum sending their waste coal to landfill. Now the cost is approximately $4,800 per annum.


That’s a saving of over $27,000 per year!