Oil & Gas QHSE


Safety is our number one core value

QHSE is at the heart of our business practices and is among our top business priorities. We expect the same approach and same high standards from all companies within our division. We believe that QHSE is a core commitment – and a passion among all Oil & Gas employees, regardless of their position within the division. Only by working together can we achieve our objectives as set out below.

Our commitment

  • To provide our customers with the best possible quality products, services and staff.
  • To protect the health, safety and welfare of all stakeholders and other parties involved directly or indirectly in our activities.
  • To prevent pollution and minimise our impact on the global environment.

Our policy

Each ALS Oil & Gas company must:

  • Meet all legal requirements and duties bestowed upon them by national or international laws.
  • Comply with ALS Oil & Gas and industry standards for QHSE.
  • Intervene and take action in all cases of injury, near miss, pollution or non-conformance.
  • Respect each other, other providers and the environment.
  • Strive towards continual improvement.

Our goals

  • Zero incidents causing harm to people.
  • Zero incidents causing harm to the environment.
  • Zero instances of non-conformance that affect the provision of products or services.

To aid us in achieving the above we have implemented polices applicable to all ALS Oil & Gas companies to control 23 key areas of our operations with a perceived QHSE risk. These include:

  • Risk Assessment Process
  • Task Risk Assessment
  • HSE Incident Reporting & Investigation
  • Quality Incident reporting
  • HSE Observation BBS
  • Management of Change
  • Vehicular Journey Management
  • Emergency Response Procedure
  • Personnel Protective Equipment
  • Environmental Protection
  • Drug and Alcohol/Fitness to work
  • Hazard Communications/COSHH
  • Short Service Employee
  • Energy Isolation/LOTO
  • Communication
  • Work Authorisation Permit
  • Audits and Inspection
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Health
  • Security (Facility and Personnel)
  • Foreign Travel (Health, Safety and Security)
  • Contractor and Sub-Contractor Assessment
  • Housekeeping and Facility Requirements