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ALS Minerals is the leading full-service provider of testing services for the global mining industry in four key service areas:

ALS Geochemistry: Your Technical Services Partner
ALS Metallurgy: World Class Bankable Metallurgy
ALS Mine Site: Your Site... Our Quality, Scope, Service & Deliverables
ALS Inspection: Reliability, Independence, Integrity

With more than 120 laboratories and offices, and employing 4,000 staff in key mining provinces and trade ports on six continents, ALS Minerals provides unparalleled global coverage for a dynamic industry that seeks consistency, reliability, quality, mobility, versatility and technical leadership from service providers. The ALS Minerals service offering covers the entire resource life-cycle from exploration, feasibility, production, design, development through to trade, and finally rehabilitation.

Service, Quality, Deliverables and Technical Leadership...
it's the ALS way.

ALS Geochemistry provides analytical procedures appropriate for all “elements or mineral assemblages of interest” which are tailored to meet the needs of exploration geologists, miners, mineral processing engineers and metallurgists. Our data is utilised for exploration, mine grade control, concentrate and bullion determinations, acid-base accounting as well as process plant control and ore characterisation or treatment studies.

ALS Geochemistry operates a Global Enterprise Management System (GEMS) at all permanent laboratory locations and ensures that ALS work procedures are standardised and tracked at every step, from initial log-in/sample submittal, through the all-important sample preparation stages and finally analytical determination.

The standard range of analytical methods offered covers all commodities from precious metals to iron ore and industrial minerals. Methodologies include those used for lithogeochemistry, trace and indicator element analysis, ore grade determinations, isotope determinations, hydrogeochemistry, biogeochemistry, selective leach geochemistry and mineralogy evaluations.

ALS Metallurgy is the market leader in bankable metallurgical testing services for mineral process flowsheet development and optimization. With hub facilities based in the major mining centres of Perth (Western Australia), Kamloops (British Columbia) and Santiago (Chile) in addition to local specialised facilities, the group is well placed to service major projects and offer commodity customised solutions. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to handle and prepare a large range of sample types including hazardous and radioactive materials. ALS Metallurgy offers both bench scale and large scale pilot plant facilities and expert metallurgists to provide mineral processing, hydrometallurgical, and mineralogical testing services.

ALS Mine Site coordinates the services of the ALS Minerals Division (Geochemistry, Metallurgy, Inspection) and other ALS Group offerings (Environmental, Industrial) to provide tailored solutions delivered at your mine or port site. Regardless of commodity, location or breadth of service requirements, ALS Mine Site can package comprehensive laboratory testing solutions to meet site requirements. ALS Mine Site custom designs, builds, installs, commissions and operates mine site and port site laboratories, with signature ALS Quality, Service and Deliverables to provide mining and metallurgical process plant support. 

ALS Inspection inspects, weighs, samples, analyses and reports on the quantity and quality of commodities to produce findings that can be used for final commercial settlement purposes. Providing accurate, global inspection and analysis services for metals, minerals, ores, precious metals, ferro alloys and solid fuels, ALS Inspection is one of the foremost umpire and party analysis laboratories in the world. Teams of surveyors are strategically located at major ports, smelters, refineries and steelworks around the world to undertake precise inspection and sampling of commodities. Samples are dispatched to primary analytical laboratories in UK, Holland and South Africa with analytical results being used for commercial exchange purposes between buyer and seller.