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Drilling Tools

ALS Oil & Gas is a supplier of choice to international oil and gas operators who take drilling to extremes – and require downhole products built for the task. 

ALS designs and manufactures robust, performance enhancing tools that deliver in the toughest environments. We use the most modern design software and manufacturing techniques in line with the world’s best practice to deliver cutting-edge technology in bottomhole assembly.

As such, our award-winning range of products is today deployed in oilfield operations around the world.

And we continue to lead the way: the strength of our products is matched only by the strength of our resolve to innovate – to bring new solutions to the market.

  • Cedar Drilling Turbines

    Cedar Turbine proves superior performance on high temperature and high pressure wells, it's a 100% metallic and can run with Impreg or PDC bits.

  • ShingleBack™ Stabiliser

    We have developed an innovative and versatile product in the ShingleBack™ IB stabiliser. It was initially built for the domestic Australian market and the unique conditions it presents.

  • Taz™ Unlimited Activation Circulating Sub

    X Drilling Tools™ has developed the TAZ™ circulation sub to provide a truly unlimited number of activations downhole.

  • WedgeTail™ Roller Reamer

    Roller reamers have been used for drilling in the oil and gas industry for many years. Their main purpose is to smooth the wall finish, maintain full gauge hole size, improve bit performance and bit life, reduce torque and vibration, and to ream out dog legs, key seats and ledges.