Production Solutions

Tool Design & Manufacturing

ALS innovates, designs, manufactures and supplies thru-tubing well bore tools for the Oil and Gas industry; reliable, robust tools that are easily field re-dressable and simple to operate.

Our strengths with our coiled tubing products are our industry experience, innovative thru tubing equipment solutions and commitment to service, testing and support, with our in house design and manufacturing services. We aim to be a complete solutions provider and endeavour to be your one stop shop for your oilfield down-hole requirements.

ALS prides itself on its ability to offer variations to its standard tools to meet the specific needs of our customer operations. Our extensive range of products include motorhead assemblies (MHA), disconnects, coil connectors, pulling tools, spears, overshots, indexing tools, knuckle joints, centralizers, dual flapper check valve, Venturi junk baskets (VJB), crossovers and under reamers.

We offer unique equipment solutions; designing tools to suit our individual customer needs; utilising the latest Solidworks CAD, PDM and simulation software to design, manage and analyse class leading bespoke products. The extensive range of down hole, subsea and surface operation solutions has led to such designs as specialised gauge carriers, subsea disconnect, velocity strings and many unique customer specific tools.

With our extensive range of precision CNC machines we have the capability to machine to a very high accuracy for all our designs using our CAM software and happily produce products on a sub contract machining basis to customer specifications.

  • Catch & Pull

    We can offer tools to meet your exact requirements within a short timescale that other suppliers simply cannot match.

  • CT Preparation & Handling

    ALS offers simple and robust solutions to all your job preparation, handling and testing needs.

  • Debris Removal

    In old wells or if fishing needs to take place, debris can create a multitude of problems – ALS offers robust solutions to these challenges.

  • Jet & Circulate

    Using a “keep it simple” approach, ALS supplies basic one-piece Jetting and cementing nozzles, in addition to drop ball selective nozzles with configurable, hardened orifices for more demanding applications.

  • Specialised Tools

    Specialised equipment for lateral entries such as KickOver Knuckle Joints and Hydraulic Indexing Tools; Cutters to efficiently machine through tubing/casing joints and Gauge Carriers for logging jobs.

  • Standard CT BHA

    ALS offers robust and reliable products to form the heart of all your standard coiled tubing deployed BHA’s.

In addition to the delivery of our broad range of standard thru tubing intervention tools and equipment, we also design and manufacture bespoke engineering solutions at our modern facility.

We supply all the base coil tubing tools from Motor Head Assemblies and retrieving tools, to quick connects, torque thru and kick-over knuckle joints, swivels and flow release overshots and spears. In addition we are developing a class-leading range of more specialised equipment; including under-reamers and multi-opening circulating tools.

Please browse our products to view a sample of our tools or get in touch to discuss your bespoke tool requirement.