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At ALS Oil & Gas we have a passion for knowledge and it all starts with an understanding of our customers needs.

With an international reputation for creating innovative well monitoring products, our tools are used by some of the largest companies in the industry and they can be found delivering reliable, accurate data for operations around the world. No matter what your requirements, no matter how extreme your operating environment, ALS can provide the tools and expertise to optimise your production, reduce the time spent collecting data and ultimately, reduce your costs too.

  • Permanent & Real Time Monitoring

    Our range of Real Time Monitoring Systems bring reliability to the wellsite. We successfully deploy our high quality gauges for accurate data in even the most challenging conditions and environments.

  • Fiber Optic Monitoring

    ALS specialises in Fiber Optic Monitoring. There are numerous products we offer that will help meet your monitoring needs.

  • Memory Gauge Monitoring

    Ideal for Wireline, Gauge Carrier and Tubing Conveyed surveys, our comprehensive selection of Memory Gauges and Logging Tools provide monitoring solutions for all Reservoir and Well activities including Surface pressure and temperature data logging.

  • Frac Gauge & Carriers

    Our patented design builds the pressure sensor into the carrier so flow rates aren’t obstructed. Available in various tubing sizes, this pressure gauge is ideal for slimhole applications where space is tight.

  • TEC Cable & Surface Equipment

    ALS Oil & Gas has been made substantial upgrades to the Downhole Instrument Cable (TEC) facility. This investment ultimately has improved the manufacturing process by allowing the production of longer length’s and more exotic types of material such as Inconel.

  • Rentals Gauges, Service, Support & Calibration

    Providing the right tools for your job is a big part of ours. We dedicate time to ensuring our well monitoring equipment seamlessly works together both in and away from the field.

  • Application Matrix

    We offer a variety of memory tools to match just about any type of job that you might encounter down-hole. Many of our tools can work in similar environments; the table below suggests which tool is suited for each application type.

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