ALS Arabia & Biyaq Laboratories form a JV partnership in Oman

ALS Arabia & Biyaq Laboratories form a JV partnership in Oman

Posted 31 May 2017
We are delighted to inform you that as of June 1, 2017, ALS Arabia and Biyaq Laboratories LLC have established a Joint Venture based in Muscat, Oman. The strong foundations established by Biyaq Laboratories, will continue to thrive and grow with the addition of the ALS Arabia family.

Biyaq already has an excellent cultural fit with ALS Arabia as they have maintained top management commitment, a team of dedicated and competent laboratory and technical professionals, they have a sophisticated and state of the art laboratory, and they maintain a strong quality management system consistent to the requirements of international standards.

ALS is the global benchmark for quality and integrity, and they have built their reputation on quality, client service, innovation, and technical excellence. ALS Arabia maintains this reputation in the GCC and will bring their expert technical capabilities, including their world class LIMS and client portal, to the new company.

ALS Arabia will bring growth opportunities for all of the staff and allow them to expand their training experiences, improve their technical capabilities, and ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge and technologies between chemists and staff members.

ALS Arabia will expand the offerings of the laboratory to include mineral services, a dedicated environmental and food microbiology laboratory, and general chemistry testing facilities.

ALS Arabia will be bringing their quality systems and standard operating procedures to help build and expand the environmental and food microbiology lab that Biyaq has begun.  They will introduce new methods that meet the daily and monthly regulatory needs of the clients.

ALS Arabia will expand systems, policies and accreditations to ensure defensible data is provided to clients. They will ensure internal and external audits are conducted routinely and introduce international accreditation for ISO/IEC 17025 compliance.

ALS Arabia maintains a Health and Safety program based on safe work procedures, instruction and manager support to provide a safe work place for all employees, visitors and contractors.  Safety is of number ONE importance to ALS Arabia, as it is with Biyaq, and their “Safety First Program” provides minimum standards for managing health, safety and environmental issues. They will ensure regular safety training is provided to all employees (internal and external).

The joint venture underlines ALS Arabia’s’ commitment to the strategic plan of growing the businesses, expanding technical offerings and adding new geographies into the network.  The joint venture with Biyaq will mean that ALS Arabia has a presence in every country of the GCC.

William Anslow, formerly the Strategic Development Manager-GCC, will lead the integration to ALS Arabia, with key priorities to support the growth and development of the business by offering the ALS Arabia capabilities with a pro-active sales strategy.

William Anslow
ALS Arabia Biyaq Manager


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