Asset Care Counts. Visualising Vibration for Better Analysis and Understanding

Asset Care Counts. Visualising Vibration for Better Analysis and Understanding

Posted 11 December 2017
Amplified vibration inspection

Visualising Vibration for Better Analysis and Understanding

The capacity of vibration monitoring to detect the early warning signs of impending failure prior to its occurrence has been saving industry millions of dollars every year for decades.

ALS provides leading services in the field, combining the broadest technician pool with leading technology and execution strategies.

This case study discusses use of an emerging technology in the field of condition monitoring, the ability to amplify and analyse video of vibrating components to more accurately diagnose the nature of vibration occurring and the actions that need to be taken to correct it.

The Problem

A conveyor motor and gearbox had been identified as having high vibration during routine condition monitoring.

The necessary actions to manage this vibration needed to be identified and conveyed to site to ensure that appropriate actions were taken.

Routine vibration indicated that the dominant vibration was occurring at 1 and 25 Hz respectively.

The Solution

Trained vibration technicians took video footage of the motor and gearbox at specifically selected locations that could reveal the extent of vibration experienced.

As it was known from routine vibration analysis that dominant vibration frequencies of 1 and 25 Hz were present, video was able to be filtered at these frequencies to clearly show the different modes of vibration (see attached videos).

Vibration at 1 Hz was mainly observed in the horizontal direction, whilst at 25 Hz vibration was dominant in the vertical direction.

Combined with the routine vibration analysis and strobe inspection, the source of vibration was identified as build up on the fluid coupling inner circumference.

The Outcomes

By combining video analysis with traditional vibration analysis, the severity of the vibration was able to be clearly demonstrated to the client, creating greater confidence in the need to take action on this problem.

Recommendations to inspect and repair the fluid coupling were made and able to be acted on to correct the vibration and extend machine life.

Video analysis was again extremely effective in diagnosing and visualising structural issues such as looseness, frame cracks, resonance, inadequate stiffness and differential movement across joints.

Our Team

Our Asset Integrity and Reliability teams consist of engineers, scientists, inspectors and technicians who can promptly assist you with the most complex projects.

We believe in confidence in industrial assets, delivering this through our broad suite of services including:

  • Non-destructive testing (traditional and advanced);
  • Condition monitoring;
  • Engineering consulting (civil, mechanical, materials, structural).

Combined with the latest technologies, ALS continues to deliver cost effective solutions.

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