FoodMail - November 2016

FoodMail - November 2016

Posted 16 November 2016

New Brisbane Food Microbiology Laboratory Opening Shortly

A state of the art microbiological food testing laboratory has been built at Stafford in Queensland. This offers food clients full testing coverage along the East Coast of Australia complimenting the other ALS food testing laboratories in Scoresby (Victoria) and Rydalmere (NSW).

Laboratory space became available within the existing ALS Environmental laboratory at Stafford and the fit out was completed during the middle of this year. Equipment was installed and commissioned in July and August and team member training completed in August and September. The final submission was forwarded to NATA on 7th November 2016. 

ALS is expecting to have a fully operational NATA microbiological laboratory by December 2016.

Two Senior Chemists Join the Food Chemistry Team

ALS is excited to announce the appointment of two Senior Chemists – Elizabeth Maforimbo and Karl Kusko to the Food Chemistry team in Scoresby. 

Elizabeth Maforimbo

Elizabeth is a self-motivated and qualified Food Scientist and Technologist and joins ALS Food with 10 years of analytical chemistry experience working in commercial food chemistry laboratories in New Zealand and Australia.

This has provided Elizabeth with her skills and knowledge in analytical chemistry and expertise in HPLC, UHPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, UV/Vis Spectrometry instrumentation. She specialises in the analysis of fatty acids, amino acids/proteins, sugars, organic acids, vitamins, carotenes in food/feeds, agricultural and dairy products, beverages, dietary supplements and formulations, for quality, nutrition and health. 

Elizabeth is also skilled in wet chemistry methods, stability and shelf life testing in raw and processed foods including dairy, fish/meat, fruit and vegetable products.

She has a Master of Science – Food and Technology from the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside (UK) as well as a PhD – Food Science and Biotechnology from the University of Western Sydney (NSW).

Karl Kusko

Karl re-joins ALS after a 2 years absence working and gaining valuable experience in the brewing industry. Like Elizabeth, Karl has over 8 years experience in commercial food analytical laboratories and food industry in general and has held various positions including Brewer and Chemistry Team Leader.

Karl has a wide range of analytical experience in both instrumentation and wet chemistry, demonstrated by his 5 years of food chemistry NATA signatory in this area. 

He has been instrumental in the validation of new NATA accredited methods including ALS being the second laboratory in Australia to achieve NATA accreditation on multiple ELISA allergen methods. Karl has also presented at various Allergen seminars and conferences within Australia and has an in-depth knowledge of allergen laws and regulations (including the VITAL system).

Karl has a Bachelor of Food Science from the University of Melbourne and is presently studying a Graduate Certificate of Brewing at Federation University.


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