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Reservoir Characterisation

Defining Reservoirs. Redefining Standards. — Changing the industry through advanced technology.

Our formation evaluation offering combines exclusive technologies and strong data analysis expertise. This provides absolute clarity and understanding of the well environment: enabling you to make faster, safer and ever-more effective reservoir development decisions.

Increasingly complex hydrocarbon discoveries are not uniform, nor are they predictable.

  • Surface Logging

    Surface Logging is about Formation Evaluation. ALS is about Quality, Service and Price. It’s a powerful combination.

  • Wellsite Services

    Comprehensive wellsite services from Core Processing, Sample Preparation to Core Stabilisation and Transportation.

  • Laboratory

    State of the art laboratory facilities strategically positioned around the globe bring you results faster.

  • Geology

    ALS geologists provide worldwide services and expertise either at the wellsite, the client’s facilities or in any ALS facilities.

  • Storage & Data Management

    Our newly introduced Laboratory Information Management System, LIMS, is the most technically advanced Information System in the laboratory industry.

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