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Ground Water

Our chemists at ALS have expertise in testing groundwater for a wide array of compounds.


Microbiology testing

Testing for the presence and level of microorganisms in the products of wastewater treatment processes (for example treated sewage sludge for use as fertilizer and treated final effluent for discharge) may be required by local regulations. In addition, microbiological testing of raw sewage and the stages of the treatment process may be required for process monitoring or validation. ALS can provide testing services, which can help inform the effectiveness of treatment processes and the suitability of the end products for release.

Microbiology test methods

ALS provides a wide range of microbiological analysis for wastewater and associated samples. This includes methods for the detection, quantification, confirmation, and identification of specific bacteria, and suites of investigative analysis including microscopy to assess the quality and microbial content of wastewater treatment processes.

Analysis provided by ALS includes:
  • Coliforms
  • E-Coli
  • Pseudomonas
  • Pseudomonas Species
  • Salmonella
  • Total Viable Count
  • Code Analytes Ranges (%) Description
    ME_XRF21u (unnormalised)
    ME_XRF21n (normalised) 0.7g sample
    Al2O3 As Ba CaO Cl Co Cr203 Cu Fe K2O MgO Mn Na2O Ni P Pb S SiO2 Sn Sr TiO2 V Zn Zr Total 0.01-100 0.001-1.5 0.001-10 0.01-40 0.001-6 0.001-5 0.001-10 0.001-1.5 0.01-75 0.001-6.3 0.01-40 0.001-25 0.005-8 0.001-8 0.001-10 0.001-2 0.001-5 0.01-100 0.001-1.5 0.001-1.5 0.01-30 0.001-5 0.001-1.5 0.001-1 0.01-110 Fused disc XRF. LOI included as part of this procedure
    OA-GRA05x ME-GRA05 Loss on Ignition 1g sample Furnace or Thermogravimetric Analyser (TGA).



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