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Digital products

Digital products to make the most of geochemical data

ALS continues to develop and improve digital tools that can help geologists make the most of their geochemical data. The digital products available allow a user to review both laboratory quality control data and their own blind QAQC samples. CoreViewer™ gives access to photos within our system and allows geochemical and mineralogy data to be plotted against the images. Many more free tools are available to ALS customers, and we continue to develop new tools based on feedback from users.

Productos digitales para aprovechar al máximo los datos geoquímicos

Global monitoring of data

The power of ALS digital products is that they are not region specific. Data collected and entered into our system in one region can be viewed from anywhere in the world allowing global mining and exploration groups to review data anywhere. Core photos uploaded from a remote project can be reviewed by geologist and managers at a head office, eliminating the need to send large amounts of data online.

Supervisión global de los datos


Webtrieve™ is an online portal that allows for samples within als to be tracked and reviewed. when samples are received at als, they are entered into our system and can be reviewed by those with webtrieve™ access and clearance to review data for the project. the platform also allows you to filter and search based on date, workorder, dispatch number, and many other criteria. preparation qc for your sample batch can be reviewed as well as access to certificates and invoices. clients can obtain a webtrieve™ user guide from your local client services group.

quick visualizer

it is often easier for geologists to review data in a graphical format rather than in columns of numbers. quick visualizer within webtrieve™ allows you to graph data as line or bar charts and gives you the flexibility to graph any analyte or data type collected by als against a sample number. this way a first pass review of data is possible before exporting to any external software platforms.


Monitoring blind QA/QC samples submitted as part of sample batches is an essential part of any workflow. ALS has developed an online tool that allows routine review of this data and the production of graphs and statistics for reporting the results, whilst maintaining anonymity from the lab. The simple to use program produces charts for duplicate samples, blanks, and certified reference materials (CRMs). A multi-CRM graph is available that plots all CRMs together to identify any mislabelled samples. Sample weights can also be reviewed for each quality control sample as an extra check for accuracy. This tool is available within Webtrieve™ with controls enabled to ensure your QC program is blind to ALS.

Secure and anonymous

ALS QCPro™ can be accessed via Webtrieve™ under the QC section. The first step when accessing the program asks for an encryption key that is user defined. This key is not saved by ALS so it can’t be retrieved if lost but it does ensure that ALS doesn’t have access to your private meta-data.


CoreViewer™ is a fast and secure core photo archive, core logging support tool, and data integration platform accessible online.  Core photos taken by ALS or provided by you are used to create continuous depth-registered downhole core image strips.  The box photos and core strips are available through CoreViewer™ where you can search for specific intervals and graph any downhole geochemical, mineralogical, or geophysical data for comparison. 

Integration with 3D modelling software

CoreViewer™ integrates with major 3D modelling software, including Sequent Leapfrog® Geo, Mapteck Vulcan™, and Micromine for detailed investigation and verification of exploration, resource, and geometallurgical models.

Process Control Alerts™ and Overlimit Alerts™

Process Control Alerts™ and Overlimit Alerts™ provide email and/or SMS notifications when a sample falls outside a specified range of values. The Process Control Alerts™ are designed to monitor samples that are taken routinely and are expected to fall within a particular range. The range can be set by the user in Webtrieve™ and when a specified sample falls outside this range a notification will be sent to ensure corrective measures can be implemented. The Overlimit Alert™ can be set up to notify you of any sample that has a concentration of the specified element greater than the upper range of a method as an alert to interesting intervals.

Timely follow-up of results

The automation of alerts for samples that require special attention makes the monitoring of data straight forward and stress-free. By setting up alerts within Webtrieve™ you don’t need to worry about missing an important sample.

ALS Geochemistry App

The ALS Geochemistry App can be downloaded from the Apple or Google app stores depending on your model of smart phone.  This app can then be used to monitor the progress and results of your samples being analysed by ALS.

Receiving alerts

The ALS Geochemistry App can be used to receive notifications of Process Control Alerts™ and Overlimit Alerts™. Notifications can be received as a SMS, email and/or push notification. These alerts can be set in the mobile app or Webtrieve™.

ALS Webtrieve™ API

The ALS Webtrieve™ Application Program Interface (API) is the bridge between ALS and your data repository. The API uses a cloud-based infrastructure with inbuilt redundancy to disaster-proof programming. It is based on RESTful industry standard which cuts integration time as developers do not have to learn a proprietary programming protocol before using the API. Documentation is online and implemented in SWAGGER allowing API calls to be tested interactively before a line of code is written.

Make data transfers routine and consistent

The ALS Webtrieve™ API allows all routine data tasks to be automated, saving time and providing extra data security. Transfers are secure using the same protocols as Webtrieve™. To arrange a meeting with our software development team to discuss technical details please contact your local client services representative.

e-Submit Sample Submission

Sample submission can be done digitally through Webtrieve™ with data entered directly into our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) thus reducing the need for paperwork and emails. Accessible through Webtrieve™, you can select the e-Submit menu item and enter the required information.

Full digital tracking of samples submitted

Digital submission of samples ensures submittal is always available to the lab even if paperwork is lost during transport therefore minimising delays. If you would like to obtain more information about e-Submit, please contact your local client services group.



ALS Webtrieve API


ALS QCPro Flyer


ALS eSubmission Tech Note


ALS Quick Visualizer Flyer

12 JUL 2022

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