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Makeup claims testing

Does your makeup perform as advertised?

Consumers expect a lot from their makeup these days, they want to be able to go to the gym, do a spin a class, or go to a pool party, and count on their makeup to stay in place. ALS has protocols for standard makeup claims. From mattifying, water resistant, and lasts X hours to high-performance claims, like active wear and sweat resistant.

More than just “a lab”

ALS is your partner for creativity and our customers are always looking to push the limits of their products. We’re not only helping you figure out what is possible to claim, but how we can do it, even when it’s never been done before. More than that, with our Media Lab capabilities we can help you show how rigorous your testing is by doing an on-location video shoot. Don’t just tell your users they can wear your mascara to the gym, show them.

Sequestered Studies 

ALS routinely performs sequestered studies for time-based claims such as: long wear, non-fading, non-feathering, smudge proof, coverage, mattifying, oil control, and color intensity. Subjects can be sequestered in our clinic for up to 12 hours for any of these claims.

Application by cosmetologist

ALS has licensed estheticians and cosmetologists on hand to make sure your application is always consistent and perfect.

Immediate Claims Studies

We are specialists with claims such as water resistance, transfer proof, and color/shade matching.

Many claims can be tested on the forearm

You have the ability to test more than one product or formulation on a panel. Get the most out of your study by having a few products ready to go at the same time.

Active Wear Studies 

ALS offers two methods for sweat resistance claims; hot room and active wear. Our active wear study will put your products to the test by having your subjects do a high intensity bootcamp-style crossfit workout. If you want to know if your products will stand up to the extremes users expect, there’s no more rigorous test out there.

Add an on-location video shoot

For active wear studies, we can add an on-location shoot. It will provide you with all of the video and testimonial footage in order to show how your product performs. All subjects sign full photo and video release, meaning you will have full ownership of the content and ability to use it however you desire.

Eyelash Studies

For mascaras and eyelash growth products, we can test for all of the common claims: Length, curl, volume, and application. The testing is simple using our digital ruler.

Let us know how you want the application done

Eyelash studies can have either the subjects or the esthetician do the application. We’re happy to explain the benefits and drawbacks of both.

Brow Studies

Thicker brows, thinner brows, whatever you are going for we’ve tested products for that claim.

Nail Studies

Is your product meant to make nails stronger, more durable, or appear healthier looking? Perhaps you want to measure nail hydration or TEWL? ALS has tested products for all.

Lip Studies

ALS can provide instrumentation, photographic, or sensory based claims for lip products. Common claims include: wrinkle reduction, hydration, barrier function improvement, color, or lip plumpness.


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