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Media lab science

Bring together beauty + science + media 

Based in Southern California is our first-of-its-kind Media Labs Science. It provides clinical testing and social content for beauty brands to prove product efficacy and help grow, and build credibility. ALS shows consumers how well a product works through before and after photos, and video testimonials of real people.

Media Lab Science brings ease and simplicity to this otherwise arduous process by offering each service in one convenient location:

  1. Product efficacy and claims through advanced clinical testing in our in-house lab.
  2. Expert graders to quantify changes in the skin in our in-house lab.
  3. Real consumer perception video testimonials shot in our studio.
  4. Beautiful social and digital content with before and after video, and photos shot in our studio. 
  5. Data translated into measurable and marketable content in our marketing office to help your brand succeed!

Expert guidance

Our history in the beauty, science, and film industry gives us (and you) a unique advantage. With direct access to studios and trade secrets, we create visually stunning content for your marketing use. With our knowledge of the beauty industry, we know exactly what sells and how to interpret scientific data to information that makes sense to the consumer.

Video Testimonials

Real talk from real women; that's what our testimonials radiate.  As a layer of our testing capabilities, video testimonials are where the in-use trial results are revealed in a relatable, conversational style.  It's a powerful way to prove your product's efficacy and support your brand story and point of difference.

Our style

Our production crew creates  a warm, comfortable set in which the women share their experiences and skin-changing results in a relaxed style. Our beauty experts help guide the discussions to capture the authenticity and the women's genuine personal experiences in using your product. 

Our expertise

Whether it's a series of single testimonials, a group, or both, our team's experience behind the camera in Hollywood production gives us an advantage.  We gather tight shots, far shots, various angles, and changing lighting to capture beautiful film for your marketing use. Our calculated topics and questions help reveal market-relevant claims and engaging clips for your social and digital use.

Before & After Photography

Capturing the skin before and after clinical testing is a powerful tool ALS uses for your product's claims and marketing presence. Showing your consumer the visual proof of efficacy wins their attention.  Our artistic detail and knowing where to focus give your images more power.

Our style

ALS shoots in-studio with a professional photographer.  The images captured are of truly clean, makeup-free skin with hair pulled back, matching clothing, and with a white clinical background. This captures skin in its truest form, free of distractions.  It's the real deal.  Why?  We want honest pictures of how the skin appears before your products' clinical trials.  This yields a reliable interpretation of a product's efficacy when compared to the after photos.

Our expertise

The professional photographer used by ALS was educated at the prestigious Art Center of Pasadena, CA. His direction, methodology, and artistic ability capture incredible photography of not only before and after but products in use, packaging and much more. Our team of industry professionals engages in film trade secrets for lighting, styling, direction, and production to yield the most impactful visual assets possible.

Social and Digital Content

Social and digital content is one of the most important means ALS uses to reach your consumer. In the digital age, your content must be compelling to get attention. Through our in-house testing and creative capabilities, we provide you with reliable efficacy stats, before and after photos, and Hollywood-quality film to captivate your consumer. 

You need compelling social and digital content to compete in the beauty market

Having spent the last 20 years creating beauty brands, we understand the importance of brand  image and style.  This must be reflected in your content. We design your content around your brand's identity and design to maintain consistency in the market place.