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Sensory panels & focus groups


ALS can host sensory panels in a number of different controlled settings.  We have a wide array of perception based offerings in both USA and Brazil to assist clients in collecting information related to satisfaction, description, or product comparison. 

Why choose ALS for your focus group? 

ALS is specifically focused on aesthetic skin care, make up, and device products or treatments. Our moderators are from the industry and know the difference between all of the various types of skin care products and treatments, and how they are used. Better yet, you can add a focus group onto a clinical study and have participants that are familiar with your product. Don’t just go to a focus group site, get the most with ALS.

Sensory Panels

ALS can recruit either consumer or expert user panels for sensory assessments. These studies can be done as single use in our clinic for immediate impressions, over hours (e.g. deodorants “lasts X hours”), take home studies for periods of 2-4 weeks or longer. We can help you design studies to determine claims or efficacy as seen by the subjects satisfaction/dissatisfaction with feel, smell, or appearance. Or benchmark against the old formula (if it's new and improved), or the leading brand.

Who are you selling to?

Since demographic choice is extremely important, ALS has the most diverse database in the industry. We will work with you to put a panel together that reflects your consumers.

Focus Groups

The ALS Focus Group site in Los Angeles is setup for on-site or remote participation by the sponsor. Complete with a viewing room and 2-way mirror, or live streaming video and audio. Video can be streamed securely from remote locations or on-site to the break room. The participant room can be setup in a lounge, conference room, or class room configuration. Clients are welcome to supply their own moderator or use our specialist who has over 30 years of experience in this area.

Add a Focus Group to your next clinical study 

Unlike other focus group facilities, ALS can pair our full-service clinical testing capabilities with a focus group.

Product Comparison & Benchmarking

Looking to show that new formula is better than the old one? Or that your formula out performs the industry leader? Provide samples of both for the subjects to try and compare. 

Add a video testimonial or selfie video

In today’s content driven market place video is the best way to show how people feel about the product.  We can shoot either full production quality testimonials, or have the participants shoot selfie videos in the comfort of their own home.  Reach out today and we can show you our demo reels for both!