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Skin care claims support

Skin care claims

ALS is the industry leader in the testing of skincare products for everything from hydration and barrier function studies to anti-aging and acne claims. We strive to work with our clients from beginning to end to design and deliver custom tailored studies that are exactly what you need.

Diversity is essential 

ALS recognizes the importance of marketing to overlooked populations. When it comes to claims and testing, this requires panels to represent these populations. We have placed our clinics in areas with diverse populations. ALS excels at recruiting people of various ethnicities.

Anti-aging Studies

ALS has a variety of choices for testing products designed to hide wrinkles, photo damage/ age spots, under eye bags, dark circles, skin brightness, or radiance. Our options for achieving these claims include, expert grading of visia photos, digital analysis, PRIMOS 3D, or chromameter. ALS is also a trusted lab of QVC with years of experience performing studies for products going on air.

Need amazing before and after photography?

Ask about our Media Lab and getting B&A photos that look great for use in TV or social media.

Hydration Studies

ALS clinical sites in Los Angeles and Phoenix are strategically located in dry climates making them ideal locations for hydration studies. Our sites are equipped with multiple instrument options including, corneometer, dermalab, skicon, and open and closed chamber TEWLs.

Sequestered studies

For “all day” claims, ALS is prepared to perform sequestered studies up to 12 hours.

Improves or Repairs Skin Barrier Function

For testing the skin's natural barrier function, ALS has both open and close chamber TEWL probes for these studies. We can do TEWL readings before and after application of a product to normal skin or take readings after the skin barrier has been damaged by tape stripping.

Skin Density or Thickness Claims

Because some products may seek to act on the lower layers of the skin and promote tissue improvement, ALS can measure those claims with an ultrasound.

Before & After Photography

Many studies and claims require the use of clinical photography. ALS has state-of-the-art VISIA-CR and ColorFace systems in all of our clinics for facial photography, as well as expert clinical photographers for free-standing photos, or other parts of the body. Our photos have been used for many purposes on TV networks like QVC or social media.

Before & after images with movement

ALS has now developed short, before and after videos to show improvement in motion for use in ad campaigns. When the images move, consumers are more assured that what they are seeing is genuine and not doctored.

Firmness & Elasticity

ALS has several options including cutometer, dermalab, and tactile grading to determine how well a product can improve skin firmness and elasticity. As it takes time for products to work on the lower layers of the skin, ALS recommends at least four or eight weeks of use for studies with firmness claims.


ALS has a background recruiting both adults and teens for acne studies. We can assess active lesions, as well as symptoms associated with acne like, sebum, redness, and/or scarring.

Non-comedogenic and non-Acnegenic are also available

ALS performs both methods of non-comedogenic claims: facial use, and follicular biopsy.


For products intended to exfoliate the skin such as, scrubs, cleansers, and devices, ALS offers two methods for measuring removal of dead skin cells or flaking. They include, d-squame and visioscan.

Cell Turnover

In order to determine if a client’s product increases cell turnover rate, ALS uses the typical method of staining the skin with dansyl chloride then checking for removal via woodslamp over a 4-5 week period.

Oil & Sebum Control

For products looking to remove or control sebum, ALS has several methods for measuring skin oil presence or output: sebumeter, sebutape, and visioscan.


Showing that client products don’t clog pores—“non-comedogenic”—is a common study at ALS. We offer two tried and true methods. One is a 4-week facial use where we analyze for clogged pores on the face and the other is a follicular biopsy patch on the back.

Multiple samples vs single sample

For clients with multiple samples, a follicular biopsy can save some cost and time vs multiple in-use studies. However, if there’s only one product to test the more cost effective method will be in-use.

Hand & Leg Wash Studies

Soaps and washes frequently require testing under special controls to prove efficacy or tolerability. ALS is setup to perform these hand or leg wash studies according to EN method. We can also use custom protocols for specific client needs.

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