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Sunscreen testing

SPF testing with ALS

All sunscreens require substantiation of their sun protection claims. We at ALS are specialists in the performance of static and water resistance SPF determination testing, as well as in-vitro tests for a broad spectrum. We offer both US FDA and ISO methods for international markets.

The ALS difference

ALS uses all state-of-the-art, multi-port solar simulators for our SPF testing, and has 19 of these instruments located across five sites. Multi-ports deliver clearer, more reliable results than older, single port instruments used by some laboratories.

Static & Water Resistance

Sunscreen SPF claims fall into two categories, static and water resistant; ALS offers both tests. We have 19 multi-port solar simulators and 11 tubs for water resistance testing across multiple sites. ALS generally starts with an initial test on three subjects before proceeding to complete the full 10 panel.

ALS participates in Bipea

ALS is a participant in the international proficiency testing issued by Bipea (please inquire for our Bipea number). We also take part in other ring trials, investigations, and is involved in work to develop new ISO methods and regulations.

In-vivo UVA

For companies looking to make “Broad Spectrum” claims, ALS offers the FDA in-vitro critical wavelength method 201.327(j), UVAI/UV ratio calculation, and ISO24443(2012) UVA Photoprotection assays.

In-vitro UVA

We offer all common UVA in-vitro assays including the US FDA Broad spectrum, ISO 24443 UVA Photoprotection, and Boot’s star.