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Over 35 years of microbiology experience

ALS has multiple locations offering microbiology services for personal care and over the counter drug products. Whether the need is R&D services, such as Antimicrobial Preservative Effectiveness, Time Kill, routine aerobic plate count, or yeast and mold count, ALS is ready to assist.

Contamination issues 

Microbial contamination issues happen, and when they do ALS is frequently the first call companies make for assistance. We are an ideal partner to have when these situations arise. ALS has the experience necessary to help identify the source of the issue and propose solutions.

Antimicrobial Preservative Effectiveness Test (AET)

AET is known by several names: challenge test, PET, USP <51>. ALS is capable of performing most common methods including: USP, EP/BP, JP, ISO, and PCPC. This test ensures that the preservative system added to products (particularly water based products) is adequately protecting the product from the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Log Reduction/Time Kill Studies

ALS is adept at performing log reduction and time kill studies for hand sanitizers, and other anti-microbial products. Clients have the option of using the FDA’s hand sanitizer monograph list, the USP organisms, or a custom set of organisms of their choosing.

Bioburden/Routine Microbial Testing

Aerobic Plate Count, Yeast and Mold Count, and the USP <62> and USP<60> pathogen tests are routine testing for ALS. We know that for routine release testing, clients have two concerns: consistent and fast turnaround time, and cost. ALS has focused our lab on delivering being the most efficient possible to provide the absolute best service to clients in both categories. We work with you based on your production schedule to make sure you are on ours before your samples hit the door.

Check out ALS analytical capabilities

Full-service analytical laboratories

Whether you need routine active testing or impurities testing for Prop 65, ALS has the tools to assist you.