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Leachate testing

Leachate testing for mobility

ALS laboratories offer a full range of extraction and leaching methods as stipulated in standards from ISO or EPA. Certain matrices or targeted compounds require bespoke methods to mimic what can potentially happen in the local environment.  When required, our chemists will work in close cooperation with clients to develop target or project specific methods, often leveraging the work done by academia.

Innovative Testing. Quality Results.

Our standard leaching methods are based on internationally recognised standards (USEPA, EN or CEN) and accredited by local agencies to the principles of ISO/IEC 17025:2017.  For the more novel projects or compound specific methods, ALS follows the same stringent quality protocols to ensure that these methods exhibit the same robustness as conventional methods.

Standard leaching methods available at ALS include but are not limited to:

  • USEPA SW-846 Test Method 1311 (TCLP)
  • USEPA SW-846 Method 1312 (SPLP)
  • USEPA SW-846 Method 1313 (LEAF)
  • USEPA SW-846 Method 1314 (LEAF)
  • USEPA SW-846 Method 1315 (LEAF)
  • USEPA SW-846 Method 1316 (LEAF)
  • EN 12457-1 to 4
  • EN 14 405
  • NEN 7375
  • Sequential leaching for metals
  • Solid waste leaching methods, EN and SIS-CEN/TS
  • Special extraction/digestion methods for metals and metal oxides

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