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In-vivo testing of hair products

Hair testing for all hair types

ALS offers the full range of sensory and instrumental claims studies on human subjects. We can recruit for any race/ethnicity of subject or for specific hair types such as blonde, brunette, curly, kinky, oily, dry, etc. Studies can be conducted either in a salon setting or as take home. Typical claims include shine, softness, growth, density, comb-ability, smell, or general health.

The lab down the hall

Unlike other Laboratory companies, ALS employs full-time customer service and sales teams ready to take your calls and help you build the right study for your business. We want clients to feel like they can pick up the phone and get the answers they need.

Consumer & Professional Sensory Panels

ALS has clinical facilities located in major markets (Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix), to get you the best consumer panels. We recruit the subjects you need, maintain compliance of use with your expectations, and deliver our reports on time. We can also help you strategize your studies to get the most out of each recruitment.

Dandruff Studies Claims

ALS has been testing OTC drug products in Latin America for over 30 years. Our facility is FDA registered and employs all of the controls expected of US based sites. By conducting these studies in Latin America, you will save costs, as well as time for these complicated recruitments.

Ask about adding a Focus group

Unlike other clinical testing facilities, ALS has an in-house focus group suite complete with 2-way mirror, closed circuit video, and an available moderator. Ask us how you can save money by adding a focus group to your study.

Hair Growth Studies

ALS conducts more hair growth studies than anyone else. We can easily recruit studies of up to 200 participants. We’ve tested all manner of hair growth products from foams, shampoos, and devices. ALS has the latest Phototricocam AI which allows us in many cases to avoid the issue of having to shave subject’s hair. Additionally, by conducting these studies in Latin America, you will save costs as well as time for these complicated recruitments.

Ask about adding a group at Media Lab

ALS will recruit a panel at Media Lab to develop the marketing content for your hair growth product. We can gather camera ready subjects to test your product and report back for photos or video testimonials, which can be used on your social media or TV marketing.

Hair Growth Studies

Ask us about Use Videos

Does your product have a unique application you want to create a video to show? Media Lab has on-site changeable bathroom sets where subjects show how to use the product! All videos have full photo and video release.

Hair products:

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