ALS in the UK granted new accreditations for food testing methods

22 DEC 2023 ALS

ALS has been granted 2 new accreditations by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for food product testing methods. UKAS is the nation’s only official accreditation body and is responsible for assessing and accrediting testing services offered in the UK. The granting of these new accreditations to ALS helps provide industries and the public with confidence in products tested using these methods.
ALS provides a wide variety of laboratory testing, inspection, certification and verification solutions around the world, and has over a decade of experience in food testing in the UK. ALS’ 6 UKAS accredited laboratories offer a comprehensive breadth of tests - including nutritional, contaminants, pesticides & agrochemicals, allergens, vitamins, additives, food authenticity and food packaging – and expert technical, consulting and training services. 
One of ALS’ two methods newly accredited by UKAS is for mixed additives: it tests soft drinks and other beverages, baked goods, and many other products for the amounts of 8 different analytes: acesulfame potassium, saccharin, theobromine, aspartame, quinine, potassium sorbate (sorbic acid), benzoic acid and caffeine. Mixed additives testing method AM/V/1003 was developed in house by ALS based on Phenomenex Application ID No. 13010 and is also suitable, though not accredited, for a variety of additional human foods as well as animal feeds and for canine and equine health products.
‘Achieving UKAS accreditation on our key methods is an involved process,’ says Gemma Parr, Vitamins and Additives Section Head at ALS in Chatteris, UK. ‘But going that extra mile gives our clients added confidence in their results.’

The other new accreditation is for ALS’ latest addition to its testing service portfolio: the measurement of temperature over a specified time for the generation and/or validation of cooking instructions using domestic appliances. 

The service offers both the generation of new − and verification of current − back-of-package cooking instructions, to ensure a safe and ready-to-eat product is consistently produced. Trials are conducted by ALS’ technical services team to determine the optimum time/temperature combinations regarding the safety and quality attributes of cooked products.
According to Rachel McGrath, Technical Services Manager for Food and Pharmaceuticals at ALS, ‘Receiving UKAS accreditation for our temperature testing methods offers reassurance to our clients,’ says.
One example of client appreciation of the service comes from a lead technologist at a company providing prepackaged pizzas: 
‘We have been using ALS cooking validation services for just under 12 months,’ reports Martin Shaw, Senior Process Development Technologist at 2 Sisters Food Group, The Pizza Factory. ‘[ALS technologist] Gianluigi Re and the team have accommodated our requests and worked with us to both validate and generate cooking instructions for pizzas from a food safety and quality point of view.’
In addition to the quality of the testing service, Shaw has been impressed with the efficiency and cost of the service. ‘Irrespective of the turnaround required, ALS helped us through a particularly busy period,’ Shaw explains. ‘With an easy-to-use booking form and communication throughout, samples are tested as requested with an easy-to-read report on completion − and all at a competitive price.’
While ALS’ UK-based food testing laboratories have continually added new services and accreditations, they have also coordinated with ALS’ laboratories beyond the UK, providing testing for clients in Europe and the Middle East, with plans to continue expanding to serve more clients around the world.
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