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Moisture in coal

Various terms are used to describe moisture in coal. This is because the association of coal with moisture is complex. This document reviews the forms of moisture and the ways moisture in coal is measured. .

Forms of moisture in coal

Moisture occurs in a range of forms in coal. Further, as coal is heated additional moisture is driven from the coal’s structure. The following described how moisture yield increases as coal is heated.

forms of moisture 

Recognizing that there are various forms of moisture in coal does not allow us to determine the proportion of a particular form of moisture that is generated during analysis. This is because there are gradational temperature boundaries between the various forms of moisture. As a consequence, standards organizations have selected arbitrary temperatures to describe the nature of moisture in coal. Thus:

Understanding that the moisture generated in a particular determination is sensitive to changes in temperature and time, highlights the importance of having strong controls on temperature and time when performing moisture determinations.

Standard Moisture Tests 

Standard Tests for Measuring Moisture in Coal

The following list described standard moisture determinations:

Standard Tests for Measuring In-situ Coal Moisture

When determining the mass of coal in a deposit it is important to account for the in-situ moisture