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Consulting, auditing, & training services

Consulting, auditing, & training services

A properly designed and deployed fluids analysis program is the key to program success. ALS trainers and consultants will work with your maintenance department to ensure your program meets your organizational goals. 

The ALS advantage

ALS operates the largest global fluid analysis laboratory network. Our laboratories in Australia and North America maintain ISO and/or NATA accreditation for quality assurance and expertise. ALS can be a partner to help maximise your equipment reliability and performance.

A Customised Maintenance Program

MLT OR MLA examinations, offered by the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML).


Quality control

The implementation of additives to a base stock is a lengthy process and has many possible potentials for error. ALS offers testing services to ensure blend plants are maintaining a consistent level of quality and distributing a uniform product.



ISO 5500

ALS can help our customers in the context of an asset management framework, such as ISO 55000, to help develop strategic asset management plans and equipment maintenance plans.