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Suprimentos de amostragem

Compreendemos a importância de uma amostragem adequada. A ALS oferece produtos de amostragem de qualidade com flexibilidade para rotulagem privada, concebida para melhorar o seu programa de manutenção preventiva.


Training services

A properly designed and deployed fluids analysis program is the key to program success. ALS trainers and consultants will work with your maintenance department to ensure your program meets your organizational goals.

 ALS has partnered with Noria to offer MLT I/II, MLA I, and MLE certification courses. The online program is a flexible, cost-effective method for getting your team up to speed quickly and in alignment with your organization's commitment to machine reliability.

The ALS advantage

ALS operates the largest global fluid analysis laboratory network. Our laboratories in Australia and North America maintain ISO and/or NATA accreditation for quality assurance and expertise. ALS can be a partner to help maximise your equipment reliability and performance.

A Customised Maintenance Program

Understanding the overall health and well-being of your equipment can improve your profitability and provide a competitive edge. Lubrication management and oil analysis are being used by forward-thinking companies that are focused on getting the most out of their equipment.

Machinery lubrication training with ALS through Noria explains best practices used for lubrication and oil analysis, and prepares attendees to take the MLT OR MLA, offered by the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML).

Designed for those responsible for daily lubrication tasks, including oil changes, top-ups, greasing bearings, lubricant receiving, and proper storage and care of lubricants, as well as dispensing devices, this online course will prepare you for the Machine Lubricant Analyst (ISO 18436-4) and/or Machinery Lubrication Technician certification.

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