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Customised contract lab

Blend plant analysis

The implementation of additives to a base stock is a lengthy process and has many possible potentials for error. ALS offers testing services to ensure blend plants are maintaining a consistent level of quality and distributing a uniform product.

ALS provides services to support in-house quality assurance testing and production support for lubricant blend plant facilities

Client dedicated oil analysis laboratory

Dedicated used oil labs for large operations and remote locations by ALS

Many fluid manufacturers, large fleet and plant operations have a requirement for a dedicated laboratory to meet specific testing and reporting needs. This is especially the case in remote locations where an on-site lab is required to meet turnaround time requirements. ALS offers the following solutions in this regard:

  • Establishment of dedicated lab at strategic location to support large distribution and conveyance facilities, service centers, mining sites, etc. 
  • Dedication of a standalone area within an existing laboratory to enable specific testing, data reporting and other workflows
  • Provision of advanced and/or specialised laboratory to accommodate business, production and maintenance requirements