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Mobile fleet analysis

Proactive oil analysis program

ALS offers oil analysis programs for engines and related drive train components. A proactive oil analysis program can be an integral part of maintaining fleet reliability and early detection of problems can significantly reduce overall maintenance costs.

  • Overall fleet health can be monitored
  • Fleet data can be used as an audit tool
  • Reliability goals and targets can be established and tracked

An oil analysis program monitors wear metals, contaminants, and optimal drain intervals based on fluid condition.

value added services

Data management 

Oil analysis is a powerful tool for monitoring the health of your mobile assets in real time. ALS does not stop at one test report. Our oil analysis data management service monitors and manages the data of an asset over time, offering proven value for our clients. Working closely with our clients, our specialists can help create automated management reports, which help to highlight when sampling is overdue; if sample information is missing; when common issues within a fleet are trending; and more. Trust ALS’ oil analysis data management service as a valuable tool that monitors equipment reliability for the long haul. 

ROI tools 

The return on investment (ROI) of an effective oil analysis program can be remarkably high. With benefits including monitoring rates of component wear, contamination, and overall oil health, reliability teams can predict potential problems or failures, and even help eliminate them. To help customers see the financial benefits of oil analysis, ALS has developed our ROI tool to enable mobile fleet managers to calculate the financial benefits of a properly run oil analysis program based on their business situation. Working closely with our clients, we can help create the business case for starting a new program or validating an existing program, so that each business can realise the financial benefits of its oil analysis program.