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Oil testing cost benefits

Cost-effective maintenance strategies

Routine oil analysis is key to a successful predictive maintenance program, delivering cost avoidance. Companies typically spend at least 10 percent of their revenues on maintenance and equipment repair. Add to that the cost of equipment downtime, decreased productivity, and devaluation of assets, and it can easily add up to thousands, or millions, of dollars per year. Standard testing programs for equipment reliability are comprised of routine tests that can meet most service requirements.

ALS works closely with OEMs and lubricant manufacturers to establish appropriate testing parameters and alarm limits for specific equipment applications; this enables clients to make the most cost-effective decisions regarding maintenance processes and allows clients to plan maintenance based on equipment conditions rather than unplanned maintenance and downtime.  

value added services

Program management and support

Our services do not begin and end with rapid delivery of high-quality test results for a particular sample. We work with clients from program setup through optimisation of test packages and alarm limits, to management of the data and fleet/plant health reports. We offer professional training and access to a library of technical and reference materials via our client-facing website. ALS can heighten the branding profile for OEMs, lubricant suppliers and asset reliability contractors by establishing branded reporting to our customers.

ROI tools 

ALS’ return-on-investment (ROI) tool enables fleet/plant managers, and asset owners, to calculate the financial benefits of condition monitoring as part of an oil analysis program. We work with clients to calculate actual ROI based on financial benefits delivered by the oil analysis program, including failure cost avoidance, production uptime, warranty support and asset life extension. The tool is useful for existing customers and can also provide a business case for starting an oil analysis program.