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Gas services

Whether you are a coal seam gas explorer, concerned about outbursts in underground mines, or have statutory requirement to deliver data on greenhouse gas emissions from open-cut mines, ALS is the leader in the provision of gas desorption services.

Servicios de gas

The ALS difference

ALS cares about obtaining the most accurate gas result. Our geologists attend the wellsite where they capture and perform the Q2 gas measurements on the cores at site. This ensures that the most accurate early Q2 values are obtained. Our NATA accredited desorption laboratory allows samples to remain at the same consistent temperature in the field throughout the Q2 measurement process, and in the laboratory. This focus, combined with integrated off-lining, Q3 data capture and a streamline reporting process, provides ALS clients with the most accurate and robust gas desorption data.

Servicios de gas

Gas desorption

Analytical services offered by ALS includes:

  • Gas content measurement - Q1, Q2 and Q3 including high or low gas measurement at temperatures consistent with the reservoir temperature
  • Gas composition analysis - C1 to C6 plus CO2, N2, O2
  • Proximate analysis and relative density analysis
  • Sample preparation crushing and splitting
  • Adsorption isotherm analysis – CH4, CO2 and N2
  • High resolution 360°C
  • Lithological and fracture logging of core
  • Portable field laboratories ensuring variables such as temperature effect on gas volumes are kept to a minimum
Core preservation

Our service offering has expanded to include on-site core preservation. The ALS mobile laboratory is fitted with a blackout photography bench to provide high resolution, color corrected photographs of core in metre lengths. Following this, the core can be preserved, boxed and placed in an on-site refrigerated contains until drilling has ceased . The container can then be shipped to the ALS cold storage unit until well data is reviewed and further analysis is required.

Accredited to ISO 17025

ALS gas services are accredited to ISO 17025 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).