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Fuel & DEF testing

Fuel testing

ALS provides extensive testing services for diesel, industrial, and marine fuels, including residual fuel oils. Diesel fuel is routinely tested for mobile fleet particularly in transportation, mining and construction industries. Diesel fuel testing is also indispensable for monitoring auxiliary and standby power systems in commercial and industrial applications, including hospitals, power companies, telecommunication facilities, and marine applications. Our fuel testing services are commonly used to meet compliance requirements. Fuel testing is generally tested by ALS for product integrity assurances or trouble shooting. Product testing can be provided on a certificate of analysis report for client interpretation or evaluated by our experience technical staff.


Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

Ensure optimal performance with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) testing services. ALS offers comprehensive DEF testing solutions to maintain compliance and enhance the efficiency of diesel engines. Our expert analysis helps identify any contaminants or quality issues in DEF, ensuring proper emission control and engine longevity. Trust ALS for reliable DEF testing.


Testing packages

ALS offers a full slate of testing capabilities for fuels and DEF, and can customise packages based on customer needs and application. Our comprehensive packages meet the latest standards for fuel testing, including biodiesel blends, which allows ALS to support your business needs through our industry accredited laboratories. DEF is important for the treatment of diesel engine exhaust and we can provide testing to evaluate fluid quality. 


Fuel quality testing

ALS provides fuel testing against quality specifications, following ASTM, ISO and other industry standards. Our lab staff will support your needs for quality control, chain of custody, research, and troubleshooting.    
ALS provides testing that can help to determine the quality and performance of fuels, including biodiesel. These tests include:

  • Water and sediment: Measures the water and sediment in the fuel
  • Microbial contamination: Determines the number of microbes in a unit of fuel
  • Flash point: Determines the temperature at which fuel vapour will ignite
  • Cetane number: Measures the ignition quality of diesel fuel
  • Cloud point: Determines the temperature at which wax crystals begin to form in diesel fuel 

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