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Water industry


ALS is a large and dynamic provider of Water focused sampling and analytical solutions. Safety leadership, high quality data, service integrity and innovation are what our clients both expect and receive.

Our services cater to a number of industry sectors including:

Whether it be for a routine water monitoring program, specialist project or emergency response ALS has the specialist industry knowledge to support your water quality needs.

Water sampling

Collecting a representative sample reflective of the water source being monitored is critical. Maintaining the sample integrity is vital to ensure meaningful analytical data is generated from the laboratory testing. Whether your sampling is for routine regulated monitoring programs, special projects, rain event monitoring or emergency spill event sampling, ALS has the experience and capabilities to undertake all your sampling requirements.


Drinking/Potable water

At ALS we are committed to support public drinking water safety. Having been continuously awarded some of the largest municipal water contracts in the world, our dedicated laboratories offer technical expertise, quality assurance and a high level of service.

Our drinking water analyses and sampling programs can be tailored to satisfy your legislative and regulatory requirements.


Surface water

ALS has gained an enviable global reputation as the laboratory of choice for sampling and analysis of surface waters. Whether your monitoring needs are focussed on routine parameters, emerging contaminants or require ultra-trace levels of detection we are here to support your project needs.



ALS has industry experts and accredited laboratories around the world that specialize in the sampling and testing of wastewater and trade effluents. Our laboratories provide testing to meet effluent limits or discharge licenses in accordance with local and national regulatory agency requirements.



ALS is your analytical partner for the testing of Biosolids that are generated as a by-product of your wastewater treatment process. We are here to support the safe and beneficial reuse of Biosolids for land application in agriculture or forestry operations, land rehabilitation, landscaping, composting or in road base.


Desalination and recycled water

ALS continues to provide analytical support for some of the largest water industry projects that take a novel approach to the generation of drinking water. Whether this be for the piloting, commissioning or continuing operation of recycled water and desalination plants.