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Genetically modified raw materials and foods are subject to a very strict regime and must meet a number of legislative requirements. Importers and sellers are required to identify food containing genetically modified organisms (GMO) by stating information that this contains genetically modified food.

Experts in molecular biology

ALS’ molecular biology experts are able to offer a wide range of qualitative and quantitative PCR tests to identify GMO’s in primary and finished products.

GMO analysis

ALS Food assures qualitative and quantitative determination of GMO in food using PCR technology.

  • Detection of modified GMO
  • Detection of specific DNA
  • Quantitative analysis of identified parameters

ALS offers a wide range of food testing services

Food safety & quality testing

Our extensive industry experience and knowledge of the tests required ensures compliance to international regulations and standards.


Technical experts

Our subject matter experts and technical teams are the core of our services, collaborating across the global network to deliver the right solutions to our clients.