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Iron ore testwork

All things iron ore & more

Unlike most other commodities, iron ore testing is not just about developing metallurgical recovery processes, but spans into the primary mining resource development. Geometallurgy is when metallurgical parameters are married together with geochemistry and geological data for mining resource modelling. It is used extensively by the major DSO Hematite iron ore companies and ALS is expert in these requirements. Likewise, for thermal burden testwork and beneficiation testing (gravity and magnetic separation) for hematite and magnetite. There isn't much ALS hasn't done in this arena and all of these capabilities don't need to be limited to only to iron ore.

Separação magnética seca

Capability & efficiency with wider support

Once again, ALS has created a bespoke business stream for unparalleled service delivery. Iron ore programs are often characterised by large, high sample volumes that need very high efficiency and productivity to process in an acceptable timeframe. The ALS Iron Ore Technical Centre opened in 2012 in Wangara, Western Australia. Via our proficient team, with the wider support of the Balcatta campus and the Malaga ALS Geochemistry division, we offer 10,000 square meters of laboratory space and equipment to achieve your program objectives.

Disposição do núcleo de perfuração

Iron Ore Testwork Services

The Iron Ore Technical Centre offer extensive testing services for hematite, magnetite, and general iron ore beneficiation. The main testwork categories are listed as follows (click on the links for more detail):

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