Water quality

Ambient Air

Ambient and indoor air analysis

ALS is a leading provider of ambient air testing services. Experienced chemists will assist in tailoring analyte packages and provide sampling media for requested target compounds. Our laboratories are accredited and follow national and international requirements and methods, (e.g., NIOSH/NMAM/EPA, ISO, and ASTM).

Services provided by ALS are used by environmental and occupational hygiene professionals to ascertain that regulations for release of regulated compounds are met, and that work and or home environments are not negatively impacted by air contaminants.

Vapour Intrusion

Vapour intrusion testing

Throughout the world, ALS laboratories offer a wide variety of analyses, analytes, and sampling media. Clients have the option to pick from an extensive list of compounds, and the laboratory will provide sampling media to fulfil local or regional requirements.

Analytical services are a crucial part of any investigation into unwanted contaminants entering buildings from external contamination sources. ALS is the perfect partner from initial sampling plan review to final report. All steps in the process are supported by dedicated laboratory staff, assisting professionals in the field with convenient solutions and quality data.

Stack Testing

Stack testing

ALS has the capabilities and specialised facilities to test stack emissions. Our accredited laboratories offer a wide range of tests and will provide impinger solutions, clean sampling tray glassware and media applicable to the targeted analytes.

Stack sampling teams are partnering with ALS to obtain expert advice on sampling media and quality analytical results. Our experts understand the challenging procedures and conditions the sampling teams work under and will provide the extraordinary service expected from a global leader.