Victorian EPA releases interim position statement on PFAS

The Victorian EPA has released their Interim position statement on PFAS as they work towards the National Environmental Management Plan (NEMP) which is currently under consultation.

Along with testing for the main PFAS compounds, the Victorian EPA is also recommending using techniques such as Total Oxidisable Precursor Assay (TOPA), as well as determining Total Organic Fluorine (TOF) to indicate the total amount of other PFAS present.

Click here and you can access the link to the Victorian EPA’s Interim position statement 

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Traditional PFAS analysis only targets the key analytes and therefore may or may not greatly underestimate the presence of PFAS in the environment and the Total Oxidisable Precursor Assay and the determination Total Organic Fluorine have been suggested as means of exposing these underling cryptic PFAS.