ALS SPF laboratory opens new facility

Another important advancement in solutions for the beauty and personal care industry.

SPF Testing
14 JUN 2024 ALS


Always committed to innovation, ALS have revamped our Solar Protection Clinical Laboratory facilities located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to offer customers a diversified, modern structure with greater testing capacity.

The new facility is spacious, fully air-conditioned, and accessible. It features 9 Solar Multiport simulators (Solar Light CO), calibrated as per the guidelines of COLIPA for UV sources, and compliant with FDA, ISO 24442 (UVA in vivo), 24443 (in vitro UVA), 24444 (UVB), FDA, and Australian standards. Between Brazil and the USA, the Solar Protection Laboratory operates a total of 15 simulators, ensuring a high sample transfer rate.

For Water Resistance assessments, there are 6 specially designed bathtubs that adhere to FDA 2021, ISO 18861/16217 and COLIPA (2005) methodologies. Water conditions, including hardness, conductivity, temperature and pH, are controlled to improve reproducibility and can be defined according to customer specifications.

The laboratory also has the ability to determine the Critical Wavelength of Broad Spectrum Protection according to FDA and ISO24443 and Ultraviolet Protection Factor in Fabrics, following AS/NZS 4399:2020 Sun Protection Clothing - assessment and classification.


Greater testing capacity and control all in one place.

According to Juliana Moraes, Manager of the Photobiology Laboratory, the laboratory's revamp will bring about diversity, result comparability, and greater control, all in one location. It will bring together people, equipment, and technical expertise. She affirms, "The laboratory will serve as a model of sustainability and modernity, offering the best resources to optimize and control studies, ensuring reliable results. Additionally, we prioritize the well-being of study subjects by providing a pleasant, welcoming, and safe environment for an exceptional experience."

For study subjects, it means increased convenience and comfort. For customers, it means receiving results that will guide them in making the most informed decisions. For consumers, it means the assurance of using safe products that have undergone clinical assessment.


Check Out the New Facility (video)


The news doesn't stop there!

Soon, you will discover how our innovation in SPF installations contributes to sustainability and environmental care. You will also learn about the latest advancements in analytical and scientific solutions for the HPPC segment, which are already being fully developed by our team of specialists. Stay tuned to ALS channels to stay updated!

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