ALS announces global lead on PFAS

11 JAN 2024 ALS

ALS has appointed Geraint Williams (based in the UK) as Global PFAS Practice Lead. ALS considers this new role an investment in future growth in the expanding PFAS subsector in Environmental. 
Geraint’s responsibilities will include helping leverage global expertise on PFAS within the ALS network, supporting technical teams in developing ALS’ capabilities to meet PFAS testing and analysis market needs, and facilitating market access to these capabilities.
Geraint has worked for ALS for over 25 years in key technical and leadership roles. He has worked closely with clients to develop new and innovative sampling and analytical methods and has worked on complex projects for large clients including the United Nations Environment Program. He is the current chair of multiple technical working groups, serves on the drafting panel of several European and international standards, and is a co-author of the UK’s PFAS guidance for practitioners, which is currently being drafted.
Regarding his new role, Geraint said:
“PFAS present the greatest challenge to clients, regulators, and governments around the world. We have a critical role to play in assessing and overcoming these issues. I look forward to taking up my new role and I strongly believe we all have individual responsibility to drive change and make a difference.” 
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