ALS celebrates International Women's Day with commitment to accelerating gender equality


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07 MAR 2024

Today, on International Women's Day (IWD), ALS is reaffirming its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace and accelerating progress towards gender equality. 

"Investing in women is not just the right thing to do, it's crucial for our company's sustainable growth," said Malcolm, ALS CEO and Managing Director.  

"We strongly believe in providing opportunities for women to learn and lead, and we're taking concrete steps to make that a reality." 

Addressing the gender gap in STEM 
Across the science and technology sector, women remain underrepresented, with the proportion of women employed in science less than 30 per cent. Recognising this, ALS is actively supporting a range of programs: 

  • Launching the Lean In program – commencing in 2024, this program connects women across the company to share experiences, empower each other, and foster growth and belonging. 

  • Supporting the Global RISE Employee Resource Group (ERG) – Dedicated to advancing gender equality and inclusion within ALS, the RISE ERG is championing initiatives and programs across the organisation. 

  • Promoting equal pay – ALS conducts annual pay reviews to identify and address potential gender pay gaps, aiming to lead the industry. 

  • Equipping leaders with inclusive leadership skills – we provide training programs to raise awareness, build understanding, and encourage inclusive behaviours to create a welcoming environment for everyone. 

  • Recognising achievements – we’re actively shining a light on the exceptional women making a difference in the company by removing barriers through education, skill development and inclusion. 

Inspiring stories
As part of its IWD celebration, ALS is showcasing the stories of inspiring women within the company, like Silvina Maggi, HSE Lead Manager for the Environmental business in Argentina. 

"Silvina is a true inspiration, dedicating her time to engaging with and inspiring younger generations to pursue a career in STEM," said Malcolm.  

"Within ALS, her dedication to transforming ALS’ safety culture through new and innovative ways in Latin America and her embodiment of ALS' values are truly commendable." 

Engaging in the IWD movement 
ALS is encouraging global team engagement, with events being held across our operations and discussions to spark ideas on how we can accelerate ALS’ progress in gender equality. 

"By working together and taking action, we can make a real difference in achieving gender equality at ALS and beyond," Malcolm said. 

Find out more about ALS’ diversity, inclusion and equity approach here.

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