Crustacea DNA Detection in the UK: ALS Expands Services at Chatteris Site

Enjoy 5-day turnaround times and avoid customs delays with ALS' new UK testing option.

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15 APR 2024 ALS

ALS is pleased to announce a new option for Crustacea DNA detection in the UK

We are now offering the popular Crustacea DNA detection test at our Chatteris site, alongside our existing Portugal facility.

This expansion brings several advantages to our UK customers:

  • Faster turnaround time  receive results in just 5 working days, compared to the previous 15-day service
  • Reduced customs delays  avoid potential delays and complications that can occur with international shipping

The availability of this service at our Chatteris site is effective 15 April 2024.

Contact ALS today to learn more about our new Crustacea DNA detection service in the UK and schedule your test.

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