Learn how Media Lab Science - Part of ALS, can add to your Beauty and Personal Care brand

Part of ALS's Beauty & Personal Care division, Media Lab Science adds even more expertise in the clinical trials market.

Now part of ALS's Beauty & Personal Care division, Media Lab Science adds even more expertise in the clinical trials market.
16 MAY 2024 ALS

Media Lab Science’s one-of-a-kind testing lab enhances brands and cultivates consumer trust through the harmonious integration of beauty, science, and media. Combined solutions are offered with a multidisciplinary team and state-of-the-art facilities – a full Hollywood production studio in Los Angeles, CA (USA) – to bridge the gap between scientific validation and consumer product perception. Consumer trust and brand credibility are born by combining a meticulous understanding of data with high-value social content featuring relatable, real-life people who reflect these claims.

See how science combined with the media can generate value for your brand:

  • Consumer Testing: Internal testing is a fundamental step in validating beauty, skincare, haircare, and nutraceutical products. The ALS approach, which incorporates skin assessment, instrumentation, before and after photos, and video testimonials, generates robust data, essential for validating product effectiveness and improving market competitiveness. Through expert skin assessment, timed sequences and advanced instrumentation, credible marketing claims are validated across multiple beauty and personal care segments.
  • Efficacy claims: Proven effectiveness and convincing statistical claims are essential to position your product in the competitive beauty market. With a meticulous approach to skin testing and measurements, the studies conducted generate valuable proof of effectiveness, distinguishing your product and proving the benefits of your products.
  • Social and Digital Content: Captivating social and digital content is crucial to engaging consumers in today's market. Leveraging testing capabilities and creative expertise, ALS offers a wide range of resources tailored to your audience and designed to speak to consumers. We highlight your uniqueness, and product efficacy in creative content that reflects the philosophy and mission of your brand.
  • Expert Guidance: Employ solid expertise in beauty, science, and film, throughout your project, ensuring a seamless journey from start to finish. With direct access to top-tier studios and trade secrets, ALS experts create visually captivating content tailored to your marketing needs, to propel your brand toward the growth and success of your product line.
  • Consumer perception: The Media Lab Science team conducts casual interviews with the product testers to extract tangible data authenticating the product's effectiveness, fostering trust and genuineness. Created with cinematic expertise, this content is visually striking, and incorporates the essence of the brand, making your products desirable to your target market.
  • Before and After - Photo and Video: Professional photography ensures transparency and credibility in demonstrating product efficacy. Our before and after content is meticulously created so it is accurate, honest, and deeply connected with its audience, highlighting genuine results.
  • Video Testimonials: Our original video testimonials, featuring real people—no actors here—create authentic connections with consumers. Captured in a professional and welcoming environment by an experienced production team, these testimonials serve as evidence of product effectiveness, reinforcing brand narratives through visually captivating content adapted for social and digital platforms.
  • Production in Los Angeles: The production center in Los Angeles offers a unique advantage for creating visually compelling content. Positioned at the epicenter of the film industry, Media Lab Science facilitates seamless execution and unparalleled results, fostering an environment where innovative ideas flourish.

The only clinical testing laboratory in the world that combines science, beauty, and media, ALS helps beauty and personal care companies generate a competitive advantage and create real connections with their consumers.

Want to know more? Contact ALS clinical beauty experts: beauty.usa@alsglobal.com or call +1 310 214-0043