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Pesticides & herbicides in air

Sampling & analysis of pesticides and herbicides in air.

Pesticides and Herbicides has historically, and is still, being used to get rid of undesirable pests and plants.

Both Pesticides and Herbicides have been proven to have negative health effects on humans and should be monitored in the environment.

ALS has an industry leading expertise and portfolio of tests. Methods for detecting more than 600 pesticides and herbicides in air has been developed by our laboratories. Many of them while under contract with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).


Analytical method & sampling procedure

Sampling and analysis of pesticides and herbicides in air is performed using an XAD sorbent or a gauze for surface wipes followed by analysis using either GC or LC methods.

Methods used include NIOSH 5600, NIOSH 5601, NIOSH 5602, and NIOSH 5605.

Parameters reported


  • Organophosphorus pesticides
  • Organochlorine pesticides
  • Pyrethroid
  • Triazole fungicides
  • Organonitrogen pesticides
  • Dithiocarbamates (e.g., maneb and mancozeb)
  • Acid herbicides (e.g., 2,4-D, dicamba)
  • Carbamates


  • Nitro- and chlorinated phenols (e.g., trichlorophenol, pentachlorophenol, dinoseb)
  • Benzoic acid herbicides
  • Phenoxyacetic acid and related herbicides and their esters (e.g., 2,4-D, 2,4-DB, 2,4,5-T, dichlorprop, MCPA, mecoprop, Silvex, etc.)
  • Triazenes (atrazine, propazine, simazine)
  • Bromacil
  • N-arylcarbamates
  • Glyphosate (Roundup™)
  • Quaternary amines (paraquat and diquat)
  • Sulfonylureas
  • Substituted urea's
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Pesticides in air & surface wipes

Webinar wednesday - Pesticides in air and surface wipes

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