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Sampling & sampling system services

Sampling services

Because errors in sampling have a greater impact on an analytical result than sample preparation or analytical testing, ALS offers a range of sampling services and sampler system evaluations that provide assurance in this area. Sampling services include strip sampling services which are used to determine the washability performance of blocks of underground coal. These services can also be used at coal preparation plants to determine the separation efficiency. Sampler system evaluations include audits and bias tests.

Servicios de toma de muestras y sistemas de toma de muestras

The ALS difference

ALS understands the importance of using the correct sampling processes to obtain a suitable sample and has a well-defined training process that consistently delivers this service.

Servicios de toma de muestras y sistemas de toma de muestras

Sampling Services

Whether samplers are required to take underground strip samples or perform large scale coal preparation plant audits, ALS has the know-how to deliver reliable and professional results.

Strip Sampling

ALS strip sampling services are regularly performed in underground coal mines prior to the extraction of a coal block. We recognise the relationship between the sample mass obtained from a strip sample and the precision of the breakage and analytical results. ALS also understands the need to select a representative strip sample and to recover the coal mass from a symmetrical-section channel from roof to floor. The sample must also be uncontaminated so that it is a true representation of the coal block. Sampling is followed by detailed sizing, determination of breakage behavior, float and sink fractionation and analytical testing. The data provides guidance to the resource company concerning the washability characteristics of the coal as it is beneficiated in the coal preparation plant. For this service, ALS is accredited to AS 2617 and ISO 13909 (Parts 1, 3, and 4) by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

Coal Preparation Plant Sampling

ALS coal sampling services are used to evaluate the efficiency of the whole coal preparation plant, an individual circuit within the plant, or individual component in the plant. In the coal preparation plant environment, ALS samplers operate safely while efficiently obtaining representative feed, product and reject samples for sizing and ash yield data. Our laboratories have the ability to process these samples in a timely manner to ensure our clients have the required data at the right time.


The ALS difference

ALS is invested in ways to deliver sample plant audit reports quickly and reliably. ALS has also invested in tools to collect stop-belt samples safely and quickly.

Servicios de toma de muestras y sistemas de toma de muestras

Mechanical Sample System Audits

ALS conducts mechanical sample system audits by inspection of the mechanical sampling system. The audit will verify, or otherwise, the operating criteria of the system against the design criteria of the system. Inspection of the sampling equipment will include, but not be limited to, the following items: frequency of cuts, cutter condition, aperture size, and cutter speed (where appropriate). Preliminary reports on the system's compliance are typically available on the day of the audit. ALS is NATA accredited to perform inspection of mechanical sampling plants to various national and international standards.

Sampling system testing (Bias testing)

ALS examines the ability of a sampling system to representatively sample coal. ALS is NATA accredited to Australian and International standards for "determination of bias". This work is typically performed by recovering coal samples from the sample plant and comparing the analysis result from these samples with paired results from stop belt sampling. Where possible, to minimise downtime and manual handling issues, a diesel powered vacuum system is used to remove the stop belt sample and capture it in 200l drums. Bias testing may be conducted to meet the National Greenhouse and Energy reporting (NGER) Technical Guidelines. ALS is NATA accredited to perform bias testing of sampling plants to various national and international standards.

ALS sampling system audits & bias tests are accredited against the following standards: