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Transformer oil testing

Transformer oil analysis

Power transformers are the single largest capital asset in substations. They are critical in the transmission of power to homes and businesses.

Technical complexities of transformers combined with high capital cost and long life expectancy pose unique decision-making challenges to asset managers.

Transformer oil analysis is essential in determining the internal health of a transformer and assessing the likelihood of failure. ALS provides a wide range of analytical services to monitor transformer operating condition and fluid health.


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The ALS advantage

ALS operates the largest global fluid analysis laboratory network. Our laboratories in Australia and North America maintain ISO and/or NATA accreditation for quality assurance and expertise. ALS can be a partner to help maximise your equipment reliability and performance.

ALS also provides comprehensive reporting and all results are made available on our web based reporting system, Webtrieve™.

Monitor your equipment as a whole

Learn more about fluid analysis and how this predictive technique brings more competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability to your company.

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 Transformer Oil Analysis

Transformer oil analysis is essential for assessing where individual transformer units are likely to fail. ALS offers a wide range of analytical services to monitor transformer operating conditions and fluid integrity.

Transformer oil acts as an electrical insulating media and helps protect the components from oxidation and heat stress due to electrical loading. If the oil becomes contaminated or begins to oxidise and breakdown, the performance is compromised, and the transformer can short out or worse. ALS performs several tests that allow for effective condition monitoring.

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Care should be taken when sampling transformer fluid and should be performed by a trained operator. Sampling for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) requires a special sampling syringe, which ALS can help provide.

Transformer oil tests