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Efficacy testing

applying lotion

Skin care efficacy

ALS’ state-of-the-art clinical facilities are strategically located to deliver the most diverse subject database in the industry. Our sites have all of the equipment in-house for common skincare claims. Some of the issues we assist with include, reduction in wrinkles or age spots, increase in hydration or elasticity, skin barrier function, removal of sebum, water proof/resistant, or color lasts 4/8/12 hours. We are also happy to create tailored methods, to support new innovative claims. Just as your products are custom, so too are our studies. We work closely with you to develop protocols that meet your specific needs.

lotion on hand

Photobiology & sunscreen testing

ALS has one of the largest and most experienced teams in the America’s for SPF and photobiology testing. With 4 facilities in USA and Brazil, equipped entirely with state of the art multiport systems, we have the robust recruitment infrastructure needed to offer the best turnaround time and highest quality results in the industry.

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Sensory panels & focus groups

We offer a host of locations and diverse capabilities in sensory panels and focus group testing. Whether you are looking for a trained panel, or regular consumers, our facilities based in major markets in USA and Brazil are ready to assist.

makeup claims

Makeup claims

From standard claims such as long wear, water resistance, to more advance claims such as “sport” or “sweat” resistance we have extensive experience providing substantiation of makeup claims.  Whether you are looking for something standard, or seeking to create a method of unique claim ALS is an ideal partner.  

Hair growth salon

Hair growth & salon

For hair growth claims ALS boasts has the latest AI based instrumentation allowing us to perform these studies without the traditional need to shave or tattoo the scalp. For salon studies we have high end salons and top stylists in major markets including Los Angeles, Phoenix, and New York ready to take part in studies and get you high quality consumer or professional feedback

Hair tress testing

Hair tress testing

ALS’ cutting edge facility has a full suite of instrumentation to measure and prove all standard hair product claims. We can verify assertions about tensile strength, shine, anti-frizz, color safe, color lasts X washes, comb-ability, and oil removal. We are also capable of assisting with the creation of new testing methods for things like pollution protection.

lady putting on makeup

Efficacy marketing content development

Media Lab is an ALS creation that fills the gap between your clinical data and usable marketing content. Located in Hollywood, CA, Media Lab brings together the clinical use setting, before and after photography, and studio - quality video testimonials to translate your results into marketing content.