General information


Registered office

  • Level 2, 299 Coronation Drive, Milton, Queensland, Australia, 4064
  • T: +61 7 3367 7900



  • Bruce Phillips (Chairman)
  • Malcolm Deane (Managing Director)
  • John Mulcahy
  • Tonianne Dwyer
  • Siddhartha Kadia
  • Leslie Desjardins
  • Peter Possemiers
  • Nigel Garrard 


Company secretary

  • Michael Pearson



  • EY



  • Minter Ellison Lawyers
  • Baker McKenzie 



  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Westpac Banking Corporation
  • Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
  • Mizuho Bank
  • Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.


Share registry

BoardRoom Pty Limited
Level 12, 225 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Enquiries: 1300 737 760 (within Australia)
T: +61 2 9290 9600 | F: +61 2 9279 0664


To update and manage your shareholding easily and quickly, go to and login to InvestorServe to make changes to your address or view balances. Any questions concerning your shareholding, share transfers or dividends, please contact our Share registry, BoardRoom Pty Limited.

They can be contacted by phone on 1300 737 760 (within Australia)

T: +61 2 9290 9600 | F: +61 2 9279 0664
or online at the above web address.


Annual Reports

The latest Annual Report can be accessed from the Investor Documents section on the company’s website. If you are a shareholder and wish to receive a hard copy of the annual report, please contact our Share registry, BoardRoom Pty Limited, to request that the annual report be sent to you in future.


Changing your address?

If you change your address, please promptly notify our Share registrar in writing. For Issuer Sponsored holders, you should quote your SRN (Shareholder Reference Number starting with "I") and also quote your old address as an added security check. Click here to update your address online.

If your holding is CHESS sponsored (the number starts with "X") you need to advise your sponsoring participant (usually your broker) of your change of address.


Direct deposit into bank accounts

All dividends are now paid directly into a bank, building society or credit union account in your nominated currency on the dividend payment date. Details will be confirmed by an advice mailed to you on that date. Click here to update your details online.


Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)

The Company DRP has been reactivated. To participate in the DRP, please ensure that our Share Registry, Boardroom Pty Ltd receive your DRP Participation Form by the DRP Election date on Monday 6 December 2021.

There are two ways to submit the DRP Participation Form.

  1. Electronically: You may register online by logging into your account at and clicking on "My Details" and then selecting "Reinvestment Plans". If you do not currently hold an InvestorServe login, you may follow the instructions at the end of this communication to establish an account; or
  2. By Post, Email or Fax: A copy of the DRP application form may be found by logging into your account at You may print and complete the form and return it to BoardRoom via fax, email or post using the following details:

Telephone (Aus): 1300 737 760
Telephone (Intl.): +61 2 9290 9600
Postal Address: Boardroom Limited, GPO Box 3933 Sydney NSW 2001
F: +61 9279 0664