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Gold by photon assay

PhotonAssay analysis for gold

To complement our existing services, ALS now offers PhotonAssay analysis for gold. This method is most suitable for coarse gold mineralisation where analysis of a large sample aliquot is advantageous.


PhotonAssay analysis

PhotonAssay analysis works by bombarding samples with high-energy X-Rays which excite atomic nuclei that produce gamma rays at signature energies, allowing for gold detection. Typically, samples are crushed and ~500 grams of material used for analysis, however finely pulverised samples may also be assayed. Analysis is non-destructive, not requiring sample decomposition therefore the material may be retained for other uses. Prior to selecting PhotonAssay as a method, it is advisable to understand whether it is appropriate for your project as low levels of U and/or Th, and moderate amounts of Ba interfere with gold detection.

Please contact your local Client Services group for information on whether PhotonAssay is suitable for your project.

Code Analyte Range (ppm) Description
Au-PA01 Au 0.03-350ppm Au by PhotonAssay Analysis on
500g of crushed sample
*Presence of Th, U or Ba affect detectability

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