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QC & assurance

ALS Quality System & Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

All ALS Geochemistry sites operate under a single Global Geochemistry Quality Manual that complies with ISO/IEC 17025:2017, coupled with a single, global industry leading LIMS platform.

Sistema de calidad de ALS y LIMS

ALS global network

The benefit of ALS’ truly global quality system, combined with the use of an integrated laboratory information management system (LIMS), is that standard operating procedures and quality control checks can be implemented and monitored by management in real time. Controls can be implemented and required down to bench level (i.e., sample preparation fineness verifications, instrument calibrations, and QC prerequisites such as allocating Certified Reference Materials).

Red global de ALS

Quality Control

ALS has quality control verification steps in place for all critical processes from sample receipt through data distribution. Via the ALS LIMS, this essential information is automatically captured and as each required QC check is performed triggers an approval step that must be completed prior to any further progression. All QC information can be retrieved at any time from GEMS and the high degree of visibility extends to regular, routine reviews by management and independent QC groups to ensure conformity.

Quality management system

Along with quality control steps applied by the ALS LIMS, the quality program includes:

  • Laboratory Audits
  • Implementation of global standard operating procedures
  • Personnel training and laboratory support
  • Secure data management
  • Participation in internal and internationally recognised 3rd party Round Robins.

Data Management System

The ALS LIMS is utilised at all ALS owned or managed laboratories including mine-site and preparation facilities. It is the primary driver for operating discipline and efficiency through the entire ALS Geochemistry group.

Oversight provided by LIMS

The ALS LIMS allows standardisation of analytical methods down to instrument calibrations, and QA/QC protocols; all of which are enforceable through the LIMS and ensures consistent data quality is delivered to clients regardless of where samples are processed. The global platform also allows direct oversight by senior operational management and QA/QC groups even if remote to the operating site.

Digital Solutions

WebtrieveTM is a highly integrated platform that allows clients to access data and track batch progress through the convenience of a secure website. It now features the added capability of providing Process Control AlertsTM for mill processing quality control points, Overlimit Alerts™ or other QC indicators that are time dependent. Within WebtrieveTM, a variety of features are available from the ability to bridge WebtrieveTM to your data repository to monitoring your QAQC program.

Digital solutions
  • WebtrieveTM – Access and monitor your results in real time through our online platform.
  • CoreViewerTM – Archive photos and utilise our core logging support tool and data integration platform.
  • ALS QCProTM – Monitor your QAQC Program from within WebtrieveTM while preserving anonymity form the lab.
  • Quick Visualizer – Create graphs of your results quickly and easily within WebtrieveTM.
  • WebtrieveTM API – Bridge WebtrieveTM and your data repository with a customised API for routine data transfer.
  • ALS Geochemistry App – Track samples and receive Process Control AlertsTM and Overlimit AlertsTM.

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Digital solutions

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