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Complete characterisation packages

Complete characterisation packages

There is no one geochemical method which can provide concentrations of all elements in a sample. The optimal method of analysing an element needs to consider the minerals hosting the element. Eg: commonly resistate minerals such as Zr in zircon. Other considerations are what elements may be lost from solution during digestion or added from a flux in a fusion; as well as the strengths and limitations of instruments used for measurement. From decades of experience, ALS has developed packages with combinations of the best-suited methods that can be used to provide an extensive suite of elements for lithological investigations of geochemical samples.

pacotes completos de caracterização

What are complete characterisation packages?

ALS combines several methods into one cost effective package to provide values for an extensive suite of elements. These packages combine whole rock analysis, trace elements by fusion, aqua regia digestion for the volatile trace elements, carbon, and sulphur by combustion analysis, and base metals via four-acid digestion. Various detection limit options are available for the base metals and volatile trace elements.

Methods Available

ALS offers multiple packages of methods for unmineralised samples. These methods have been combined based on our knowledge of which digestion and analytical methods are optimal for each element. Other methods can be added to the packages such as precious metal methods. If there is another combination of methods you would prefer for your project ALS can customise a package to meet your needs.

Major elements ME-ICP06 ME-XRF26 ME-XRF13n ME-ICP06 ME-ICP06
C and S ME-IR08 ME-IR08 ME-IR08 ME-IR08 ME-IR08
Trace elements ME-MS81™ ME-MS81™ ME-MS81™ ME-MS81™ ME-MS81™
Volatile trace elements ME-MS42™ ME-MS42™ ME-MS42™ ME-MS42™ ME-MS42™
Base Metals ME-4ACD81 ME-4ACD81 ME-4ACD81 ME-MS61™ ME-MS61L™

Method Description
ME_ICP06 Fusion decomposition followed by ICP-AES measurement
ME_XRF26 Fusion decomposition followed by XRF measurement
ME_XRF13n Fusion decomposition of bauxite followed by XRF measurment normalised to 100% based on dry weight
ME-IR08 Total C by C-IR07 and total S by S-IR08
ME-MS81™ Lithium borate fusion followed by acid dissolution and ICP-AES measurment
ME-MS42™ Aqua regia digestion followed by ICP-MS measurment
ME-4ACD81 Four acid digestion followed by ICP-AES measurment
ME-MS61™ Four acid digestion followed by ICP-MS measurment
ME-MS61L™ Four acid digestion followed by ICP-MS measurment to super trace detection levels

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