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Sample storage

Secure sample storage

Sample collection and transport are some of the most expensive parts of a geochemical program. For this reason, it makes economic sense to retain at least a part of all samples collected and analysed to allow for extra analysis or checks. ALS provides secure warehouse storage for all size fractions of samples prepared at our laboratories. These facilities provide a secure and organised storage option for samples which can be used for further testing when needed.

Armazenamento de amostras

Long term storage

Storage is charged monthly and depends on sample type and size. Storage can be applied to all or selected fractions of a sample depending on the expected future need. Storage is based on the material type and encompasses crushed rejects, bulk pulp samples, pulp samples <250g and screening fractions.

Armazenamento a longo prazo

Retrieving stored samples

ALS can retrieve samples stored at our facilities for additional analytical procedures or for return to you. This task is performed on a quotation basis so please contact your local client services group to receive an estimate.

Recuperar amostras armazenadas

Sample return

If you prefer to store samples at your own facilities ALS can return all, or parts of samples for archiving. This work is carried out on a quotation basis as it will depend on the size of the samples and the location they are to be transported to.  Please contact your local client services group to obtain a quote for sample return.

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Long term storage of core boxes

There are multiple long term core storage facilities within the ALS global network. To find the closest core storage facility please contact your local client services group.