Shorter TAT for PFAS testing—get your PFAS results quickly!

ALS consistently delivers PFAS testing results in less than 10 days.

With the increased demand in the market for PFAS testing, extended turnaround times have become a bottle neck.

ALS performs all PFAS testing within our USA network of certified laboratories, helping you complete your project on time.

Laboratories built to deliver quicker results

ALS implements a production model built to support on-time delivery of quality data, allowing for consistent 10-day turnaround times of PFAS test results.

We have achieved this by focusing on the following factors:

  • Consistent and standardized instrumentation across all laboratories.
  • Investment in additional instrumentation and staff once 80% of current capacity is reached
  • Key production resources limited to standard methods.
  • Priority to water, soil and sediment samples.
  • Separate R&D and method development initiatives from daily production.


We offer the following PFAS testing methods for 10-day TAT:

Method Turnaround
EPA method 537.1 10 days
EPA method 537 M 10 days
EPA method 533 10 days
UCMR 5 testing 10 days
EPA method 8327 10 days
ASTM method 7979 10 days
ASTM method 7968 10 days

A 10-day TAT is applicable to water, soil and sediment samples only. Highly contaminated samples or non-standard matrices will incur a longer TAT.